The Onlinentrepreneur.com  serves as an information, inspiration and motivation resource liaison to the aspiring and evolving entrepreneur looking to connect with profitable legitimate online business opportunities such as affiliate marketing, internet marketing as a method to make money online.

Established by Jamie Clay an money tree entrepreneur who says…”I began this blog to inspire and share the wealth of knowledge I’ve received on having a successful online business using various methods primarily affiliate marketing business model.”


The purpose of this blog is to inspire entrepreneurs and ordinary people to pursue business ownership through knowledge, ideas and practical strategies using the most relevant and latest affiliate marketing method.
To inform entrepreneurs of the latest relevant information regarding online entrepreneurship, internet marketing, leadership, social media, growth & strategy and to provide the most profitable products to market online.
To motivate the entrepreneur to implement their ideas online.
To provide valuable, honest and practical information for the entrepreneur to make money online.
Our mission is to encourage entrepreneurship online to ordinary people, through influence, ideas, and motivational inspiration. To deliver the affiliate the latest updates on affiliate marketing secrets, how to succeed in affiliate marketing,

making affiliate commissions and much more.



We believe every person has the ability to create the lifestyle they choose to have.
We believe every person can have a successful business on the internet.
We believe in motivating, developing, influencing, the character and ideas of the entrepreneur.
We believe in producing relevant quality information to produce quality & relevant internet businesses.

We believe every person has the potential to succeed in affiliate marketing as a potential business model

We believe in educating the affiliate marketer.

We believe in inspiring the affiliate to pursue only legit profitable affiliate programs.


This is a website/blog that is designed to inspire entrepreneurs to create internet businesses and products in regard to their individual passions that can make money online by implementing affiliate programs as streams of income. The Onlinentrepreneur is passionate about creating multiple streams of income.